Jade Black Shopping Roller
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Jade Black Shopping Roller


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“Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to convenience with our shopping trolley bag! This durable bag is perfect for grocery shopping, transporting books, and more. It has a spacious interior and sturdy wheels, making it easy to carry heavy items and navigate crowded stores. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, saving you money and reducing waste. Get yours today and make your shopping trips easier and more sustainable!”

Shopping is Fun with Shopping Roller


Our super lightweight Shopping Roller is perfect for both the young and old and offers a safer, more convenient way to shop and travel. It removes the physical strain of carrying your shopping, featuring an easy-to-grab handle and 2 wheels for smooth pulling that makes it ideal for your next adventure.

Shopping is Fun with Shopping Roller
Replace Your Heavy Grocery Bags with Shopping Roller


How many times have you set off for the supermarket and hit by the reality that you left your expensive reusable bag on your kitchen counter? Now you have to pay for the shopping bag again on the checkout counter. Once you have experienced the ease of shopping with our Shopping Roller, you certainly won’t be forgetting this in a hurry.


As per research, on average one routine grocery visit with Shopping Roller and reusable shopping bags can save up to 10 small single-use plastic bags. Not to mention you’ll be doing your part for the environment by eliminating single-use plastic bags! Moreover, it encourages its user to walk more without getting exhausting or hurting oneself. With shopping Roller, weekly grocery is fun now.

Say No to Plactic Shopping Bags


Its 40-liter capacity is ideal for those smaller shops and makes for a super lightweight trolley. It features three zipped pockets at the front, back & inside of the shopping trolley for quick and easy access to your personal belongings such as reusable shopping bags, purse/ wallet, and phone.  Simply click the wheels off of the Shopping Roller to fold the base up for quick and easy storage. The bag can also be easily removed for cleaning purposes.


Our Shopping Roller is made of a waterproof and enduring Polyester microfiber material to ensure maximum durability even through those rainy British winters. It features a convenient drawstring closing that is hidden by an additional cover to provide extra protection for your shopping. Easy grab cushioned handle to protect your wrist & hand bone.

There are several benefits to using shopping trolley bags:

  1. They are environmentally friendly: Using a shopping trolley bag instead of disposable plastic bags helps reduce waste and pollution.

  2. They are convenient: Shopping trolley bags have wheels and a handle, which makes it easier to carry heavy items and navigate through crowded stores.

  3. They are durable: Shopping trolley bags are made from sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

  4. They can hold more items: Shopping trolley bags have a larger capacity than most standard shopping bags, which means you can carry more items in one trip.

  5. They can save money: Many stores charge for plastic bags, so using a shopping trolley bag can help you save money in the long run.

  6. They are versatile: Shopping trolley bags can be used not only for grocery shopping, but also for carrying items to the beach, transporting books to the library, and more.

Overall, shopping trolley bags are a practical and eco-friendly choice for carrying items while shopping or running errands.

Shopping Roller is Ready for Your Next Adventure

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